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Detox can be the first step toward healing from substance abuse. Before addressing the underlying causes of self-destructive behaviors, we treat the physical and psychological addiction. Only then can we guide young adults to begin the work of identifying and healing the root causes of substance abuse, which may include trauma, lack of self-esteem, anxiety, and/or depression. We understand how difficult it can be to seek help, and we’re here to support you each step of the way.


Our clinically driven, outcomes-based, residential treatment centers offer comfort and natural beauty to cultivate transformation that goes deeper than healing the symptoms of mental health concerns.



A 2012 John Hopkins study found that individuals recovering from substance abuse disorders who remained in treatment following detox programs were up to 10 times more likely to sustain recovery.

  • Around-the-clock medical monitoring
  • MD/Physician supervision
  • Registered nurse and licensed clinicians

Continuum of Care

We are dedicated to helping each individual thrive by providing comprehensive treatment programs that emphasize healing, inspiration, and family.

Our Programs

Newport Institute provides a personalized approach to programmatic treatment that nurtures young adults at every level.

  • Physical
  • Psychological
  • Social
  • Educational or Professional
  • Spiritual
Request a Call 24/7

Request a Call 24/7

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Why choose Newport Institute?

Between 2008 and 2017, the number of young adults experiencing serious psychological distress increased by 71 percent. These underlying mental health challenges are the primary drivers of high-risk behavior. To address this crisis among our youth, Newport Institute has assembled the best mental health and rehabilitation leaders in the country—a growing roster of experts from all over the world that includes more than 350 psychologists, board-certified therapists, nurse practitioners, registered dieticians, nutritionists, education specialists, and professional coaches.

Can I use insurance for detox treatment?

We accept all major insurance, and insurance often covers the majority of treatment costs. Up to 100 percent of the treatment and therapeutic modalities that Newport Institute offers are covered by insurance. Our comprehensive care may be covered by your insurance provider as out-of-network. Verify your insurance today to learn whether treatment is covered.

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We work with you every step of the way

We realize that the hardest part of seeking treatment is getting started. We’re here to help make that part easier, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We hold this healing space in deep reverence, and we are here for you the whole journey on your road to recovery.

Newport Institute’s Detox Services include:

  • Immediate, direct care
  • Close monitoring of potential withdrawal symptoms
  • Out-of-network reimbursement

Learn More About Newport Institute’s
Core Programs

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Our Residential Programs are designed to help young adults find their voice, accept constructive feedback, and develop self-esteem and self-acceptance.

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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our Partial Hospitalization Program offers an all-day, Monday-Friday, on-location treatment plan, including 4-5 hours of clinical sessions per day. Unlike our residential programs, the client continues to live at home during treatment.

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Our Outpatient Program treats young adults experiencing psychological, behavioral, or substance abuse issues, through treatment plans tailored to each individual.

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