Young Adult Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Outpatient Treatment
Program for Ages 18–35

Our Outpatient Treatment Program provides
specialized, wholly personalized treatment plans,
structured to provide a seamless transition back
into your daily life, whether it’s from our
residential program, from another program, or as
a standalone, first-time program at Newport

Our Outpatient Treatment Program provides specialized, wholly personalized treatment plans, structured to provide a seamless transition back into your daily life, whether it’s from our residential program, from another program, or as a standalone, first-time program at Newport Institute.

We meet you at the level of care that
is right for you.

Outpatient treatment programs can provide step-down options after residential treatment—or it can serve as the next level of care for a young adult who needs to go a step above what they’re receiving from an individual therapist or a local resource. Choosing the right outpatient rehabilitation program for yourself or a loved one can be a daunting task. Our dedicated staff is available 24/7 to confidentially answer your questions, explain the difference between our Partial Hospitalization Program and Intensive Outpatient Program, and help you decide on the best approach.

What is an outpatient treatment program?

The main difference between outpatient and inpatient treatment is that clients live at home and attend treatment during the day, vs. living at a residential or inpatient facility. Newport’s outpatient treatment for young adults supports clients to seamlessly transition to life outside treatment, ensuring that the patient’s next steps in their education or career are aligned with their personalized relapse-prevention plan.

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment at Newport Institute

  • Young adults can continue to work and/or go to school
  • Outpatient programming provides a supportive and caring community of peers and mentors
  • Support groups are available for family members
  • Medical care and substance abuse relapse prevention are part of the integrated treatment approach
  • Flexibility in structure and intensity of care according to the client’s needs

What is the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

Our Partial Hospitalization Program offers Monday–Friday, on-location treatment, with a minimum of four to five hours of clinical therapy sessions per day. Unlike our residential programs, you live at home and visit one of our outpatient facilities throughout treatment journey. Generally, our PHP program is for those who have completed a residential program.

What is the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

The Intensive Outpatient Program is designed for young adults who are beginning to meet vocational and educational goals and do not require all-day care as they continue their recovery. The IOP treatment program is a minimum of three hours per day, Monday–Friday, with flexibility to move to fewer days, if appropriate.


All calls are always confidential.

Our Outpatient Treatment Program’s
Therapeutic Offerings

Our clinical staff is trained in multiple modalities, including Attachment-Based Family Therapy, a groundbreaking approach to healing the parent-child relationship. In addition to providing support groups and ongoing individual and family therapy sessions, our outpatient treatment facilities offer a wide range of comprehensive and tailored therapeutic offerings. You can see a sampling below.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual Therapy Sessions

Attend weekly therapy sessions at one of our outpatient facilities with your assigned therapist during phase one, and then on an as-needed basis.

Individual Recovery Counseling Sessions

Individual Recovery Counseling Sessions

Attend weekly counseling sessions with a certified counselor, to keep the focus on your recovery as you assimilate into life back within your home or academic environment.

Experiential Therapies & Groups

Experiential Therapies & Groups

Participate in a variety of experiential therapies including (but not limited to) music therapy, yoga, and meditation, that awaken your sense of experience and connection to nature, others and self.

Multi-Family Group

Multi-Family Group

This weekly group brings together all outpatient families to focus on issues such as effective communication, healthy boundaries, conflict resolution, family dynamics, and parenting skills.

Parent Support Group

Parent Support Group

This weekly group gives parents a forum to gather in a supportive environment, without their children, to discuss various issues.

Family Therapy Sessions

Family Therapy Sessions

Outpatient participants and family members have weekly or bimonthly sessions with their assigned family therapist, designed to encourage positive communication and increased awareness of self and others.

Positive Parenting Education Series

Positive Parenting Education Series

Our clinicians present a monthly Positive Parenting education series, featuring experts speaking on relevant topics that parents need to know about.

Life Skills

Life Skills

Prepare for college or the start of your career with our 100% personalized and professional academic and life skills program developed by clinical and educational experts.

As you reach your goals, our treatment team works directly with your support
network outside Newport Institute to ensure that your relapse prevention plan
allows you to seamlessly transition into the next stage of life as you move
toward fulfillment and success.

Is Outpatient Treatment
Right for Me?

Our Outpatient Treatment Program treats young adults who are experiencing psychological, behavioral, or substance abuse issues, through comprehensive, evidence-based plans tailored to each individual. At Newport Institute, outpatient treatment is crucial for moments of development in a young person’s life, such as

  • Stepping down from residential care
  • Finding challenges acclimating to life at college
  • Starting on the path of a rewarding career
  • Balancing personal treatment and recovery
  • Strengthening family relationships

Full Continuum of Care

Upon entering the Outpatient Treatment Program, each client receives a personalized plan with a multi-phase system established by our expert treatment team. The plan builds upon what has been achieved in prior treatment, and encompasses the following:

  • Tailored treatment for each individual’s goals and creative passions
  • A phase system that provides incentive for progress
  • Supported reflection along the way
  • Focus on fostering self-awareness
  • An attachment-based therapeutic approach that strengthens family relationships
  • Balance of personal treatment and recovery groups


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Which Newport Institute program is right for me?

Whether to seek treatment is one of the most difficult decisions that you or a loved one may face. It is not a decision you should have to make on your own. We offer confidential, 24/7 support with a dedicated team to discuss the options and next steps to help you achieve your goals.

Can I continue my experiential therapy?

Yes, all experiential elements of care from residential programs can be continued alongside outpatient care, including (but not limited to) animal-assisted therapy, music therapy, and guided meditation.

How many hours a day is PHP?

The Newport Institute Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is typically six to eight hours per day, five days a week. Each day of programming includes 4+ hours of clinical and experiential therapy and an academic/life skills component.

What sets the Newport Institute outpatient treatment program apart?

Newport Institute’s team includes some of the country’s leading experts in clinical, medical, and experiential therapy. Our programs emphasize mindfulness-based relapse prevention. Our outpatient rehabilitation programs are specifically tailored to the individual, based on evidence and experience, to help achieve the best possible outcome. Our focus is not only on immediate recovery, but also on achieving sustainable results that rebuild family relationships and lead to success in life.

All of Newport Institute’s family therapists are trained in Attachment-Based Family Therapy and recognize how important it is for the family to be involved in the recovery process. We also offer family education services, including weekly and monthly parent support groups. These sessions can be an invaluable resource to help parents understand how best to navigate the treatment journey, with the guidance of others who have gone through the process and achieved success.

Do I have to be in residential treatment first?

Not necessarily. Newport Institute’s healthcare advisors can help you assess your options and determine the best path forward. Our staff is available 24/7 to discuss your needs and help you decide which program is right for your family.

What does IOP stand for in mental health treatment?

IOP stands for Intensive Outpatient Program. IOP outpatient progams are appropriate for clients who are able to remain at home and are doing well in the school environment, but need additional therapeutic support. This type of outpatient treatment program for young adults is typically delivered three to five days a week for up to three hours per day.