An Integrated Approach to Young Adult Mental Health Rehab

An integrative
approach to male
residential treatment

Our male residential treatment centers, for young
ages 18 to 28, offer comfort and a wide variety
amenities to support young men in healing from
health issues, trauma, and co-occurring
disorders such as
eating disorders and substance

Our male residential treatment centers, for young adults ages 18 to 28, offer comfort and a wide variety of amenities to support young men in healing from mental health issues, trauma, and co-occurring disorders such as eating disorders and substance abuse.

Newport Institute male residential treatment locations feature private, gender-specific homes with a limited number of residents at any given time. Our tailored clinical approach and treatment environments are designed to allow those who identify as male to feel safe expressing their true self and building strong peer relationships—essential in the treatment and recovery process.

Where are Newport Institute male residential treatment facilities located?

Newport Institute’s behavioral residential treatment centers are located nationwide and include cozy living areas; dining areas for family-style meals; and indoor and outdoor spaces for our Horticulture Program, Music Therapy, Adventure Therapy, yoga, meditation and individual mentorship. Our outdoor programs provide an alternative to Wilderness Therapy and are led by certified experiential therapists and world-class instructors. We invite you to contact our Admissions team and take a tour of our facilities today.

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Orange County

Newport Institute’s rehab facilities for men in Southern California offer views of the serene Santa Ana Valley and proximity to the 1,269-acre Santiago Oaks Regional Park, offering a wide range of hiking and Adventure Therapy opportunities. With California currently ranking near the bottom of the scale when it comes to accessing mental health treatment, and with suicide rates on the rise, the need for teen treatment in Orange County and the greater Southern California region is more urgent than ever. Conveniently located near Los Angeles and John Wayne Airports, Newport Institute residential locations treat young adults in well-appointed private homes separated by gender identity.

Los Angeles

Newport Institute’s residential treatment for men in Southern California serves the greater Los Angeles area. With the CDC reporting that 34 percent of young people in Los Angeles report feeling sad or hopeless, and 13 percent have considered a suicide attempt, the need is greater than ever. Our Ventura County residential treatment centers for young adults are located near Camarillo, northwest of Los Angeles. Newport Institute’s locations are conveniently located near Los Angeles airport and John Wayne airports, and provide a calming, picturesque location for young adults to start their path to healing.

San Francisco

Newport Institute’s residential treatment for men in Northern California is surrounded by the stunning natural beauty and open spaces of the San Francisco Bay Area. From Marin County to the East Bay, these San Francisco behavioral residential treatment facilities treat young adults with device dysregulation issues (also known as tech addiction), mental health conditions, and co-occurring disorders. Newport Institute Northern California facilities treat young adults through an integrative approach that encompasses a variety of experiential therapies, from Horticulture Therapy to yoga, coupled with clinical modalities, strengths-based academics, and vocational mentorship in our Learning Lab.


The Newport Institute male residential treatment center in Minnesota provides compassionate, outcomes-driven care to young men throughout the state and in the Chicago area. Within a one-hour drive of Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, Newport Institute’s residential treatment centers are nestled within nature adjacent to the Mississippi River. With one in 10 young adults in Minnesota experiencing severe depression, and a 23 percent increase in suicides in the Chicago area, the need for male residential treatment centers here is vital. Newport Institute’s clinical model of care for young adults addresses the underlying causes of mental health and co-occurring disorders, not just the behavioral symptoms.

Southern Connecticut

Newport Institute is addressing the lack of Fairfield County mental health services with our new Connecticut treatment center for males. Our residential program in Fairfield, Connecticut, serves young men throughout the Tri-State Area. Close to the beautiful Connecticut shoreline and easily accessible from the New York metropolitan area, our Southern Connecticut campus is located in a comfortable, home-like environment with dedicated spaces for group therapy, physical activities, and creative arts modalities like music and visual art.

Locations FAQs

Learn more about what to expect when you arrive, view our suggested
packing list, and find
answers to other frequently asked questions.

What are the sleeping arrangements like?

In our residential programs for young adults, we offer comfortable gender-specific rooms with two beds, private baths, and all the amenities necessary to create a serene healing environment. Visit our campuses virtually or in person.

Do you provide a packing list?

When you come to a Newport Institute male residential treatment center, depending on your interests, you might be getting private tutoring or mentorship one day, and going rock climbing the next. Bring about 10 days worth of clothing suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities, including:

  • Jeans/slacks
  • Sweats/workout clothing
  • Shorts
  • Weatherproof jacket
  • Robe
  • Tennis shoes, sandals, boots
  • T-shirts and blouses
  • Bathing suits

When packing, be mindful of which campus you’re heading to and the general weather conditions there. We have laundry facilities in each of our houses, so you’l be able to wash your clothes while you’re here.

Will I be asked to do chores?

Yes, but your house will work together as a team, and daily chores will be shared among all residents.

Does Newport Institute take insurance?

Newport Institute accepts a wide range of insurance plans and financing options. We take great pride in the fact that we have a full-time, in-house team dedicated to supporting you and your loved ones through what can, at times, be a complicated financing process of securing insurance coverage.

We accept all major insurance, and up to
100% of our services are covered.

At Newport Institute, we take great pride in the fact that we have a full-
time, in-house team of
utilization specialists dedicated to supporting our
families through the mental health and
substance abuse insurance
coverage and financing process.

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