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Mental Health Masking: What It Means and How to Recognize It

Reading Time: 8 minutes We all mask our true feelings at times to hide our vulnerability. Even though we may be worried about money, angry at a friend, blue from a break-up, or exhausted with work, we still answer “Fine” or “Good” when people ask how we are. People with mental health issues, however, may routinely hide their true […]

Toxic Productivity in Young Adults: The Mental Health Causes and Consequences

Reading Time: 6 minutes We live in a culture that prides itself on hard work and productivity. Neither of those things is inherently bad. But when you’re driven to be productive nonstop at the expense of your physical and mental health, you’re likely experiencing toxic productivity. Setting realistic goals and working to accomplish them produces satisfaction and increases feelings […]
Mental Health

Post-College Depression: Why It’s So Common and How to Cope

Reading Time: 7 minutes College commencement—“the first day of the rest of your life.” After four long years, countless cram sessions, and too many all-nighters, you’ve finally made it. There’s nothing quite like that moment when you finally throw your cap in the air (literally or figuratively). But for many recent graduates, the feelings of accomplishment and celebration quickly […]
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Tall Poppy Syndrome: When You Get Cut Down for Standing Out

Reading Time: 6 minutes Getting recognized for your accomplishments should be cause for celebration. So why does it sometimes feel like your successes have made you the target of criticism, gossip, or downright sabotage? You may be experiencing the social phenomenon known as “Tall Poppy Syndrome.”  Young adults are particularly vulnerable to Tall Poppy Syndrome. Competition for grades and […]