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How to Build Emotional Resilience Instead of Making New Year’s Resolutions

Reading Time: 8 minutes It’s that time again—time to crack open a brand new year and get started on all the goals we’ve been procrastinating. Making New Year’s resolutions is a great way to start … right? Nope, not according to researchers and mental health experts. Their recommendation is to learn how to build emotional resilience instead. Why focus […]
Mental Health

How to Develop a Sense of Self and Build Self-Worth in Young Adulthood

Reading Time: 8 minutes As young people launch from their families of origin into the “real world,” their lives transform. Many move into their own living spaces, develop romantic relationships, start careers, and begin managing their finances—all symbols of adulthood. How they feel about themselves as they take these steps affects the choices they make. Young people with a […]
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7 Strategies for Holiday Stress Management

Reading Time: 6 minutes The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. But for most people, the holiday season is definitely not the jolliest time of the year. Young people in particular find the holidays stressful: A Healthline survey found that 65 percent of Gen Z were stressed out by the holiday season, a […]

10 Pathological Liar Signs and How to Cope with a Habitual Liar

Reading Time: 8 minutes Most of us lie once in a while. We’ve all told a white lie to protect someone’s feelings, or stretched the truth a little to avoid a conflict or get out of something we don’t want to do. Lying isn’t ideal in any situation. But when it becomes a habit, and other pathological liar signs […]
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7 Tips for When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Reading Time: 7 minutes For young adults, life is often overwhelming. There are a lot of reasons for feeling overwhelmed during these formative years. Academic pressure, financial concerns, relationship issues, work responsibilities, fear about the environment and politics … not to mention the ongoing challenge of establishing your identity and sense of self as a young adult.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed sometimes when […]
Mental Health

Big T vs. Little t Trauma in Young Adults: Is There a Difference?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Does trauma come in different sizes? In the mental health field, traumatic experiences are sometimes categorized as big T vs. little t trauma. The idea is that some traumatic events are more intense and severe than others.  Regardless of how they are labeled, however, all types of trauma can have negative effects on young adults. […]
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Post-College Depression: Why It’s So Common and How to Cope

Reading Time: 7 minutes College commencement—“the first day of the rest of your life.” After four long years, countless cram sessions, and too many all-nighters, you’ve finally made it. There’s nothing quite like that moment when you finally throw your cap in the air (literally or figuratively). But for many recent graduates, the feelings of accomplishment and celebration quickly […]
Mental Health

How to Tell If Someone Is Gaslighting You

Reading Time: 7 minutes With more young people talking openly about mental health, gaslighting has become an increasingly common topic among this age group over the last few years. Gaslighting and other forms of emotional abuse have also shown up in popular media recently—for example, in the Netflix series Maid, the novel and movie The Girl on the Train, […]

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