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Mental Health

The 5 Most Powerful Young Adult Tools Learned in Therapy

Reading Time: 4 minutes Many young adults enter therapy at a crisis point, when they are struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or another mental health issue. Treatment can support them to address underlying trauma and attachment wounds, so they can return to their lives stronger and more resilient. Moreover, the benefits of therapy go beyond the short term. […]
Mental Health

How to Help a Friend Who’s Struggling with Their Mental Health

Reading Time: 6 minutes Young adults have felt the impact of pandemic-related stressors more than any other age group. Interruptions to work and school, increased political strife, and limited social interaction have added to the burden of uncertainty and pressure this generation was already carrying. At one point during 2020, three-quarters of young adults were experiencing symptoms of anxiety […]
Mental Health

Social Media Narcissism in Young Adults

Reading Time: 5 minutes Narcissism is often defined as a fixation with oneself and one’s physical appearance or public image. Many young adults could be described as narcissistic, because they’re at a stage of life when they are establishing their identity and figuring out who they are in relationship to others. But is narcissism on the rise among young […]
Mental Health

How Climate Change Anxiety Affects Young Adults

Reading Time: 5 minutes Young adults will inherit a world that is deeply impacted by climate change. Thus, a large portion of this generation feels both hopeless and helpless about the future of the planet. As a result, young adults often experience what’s known as climate change anxiety, or eco-anxiety. Mental health experts agree that climate change anxiety is […]
Mental Health

6 Daily Self-Care Practices for Young Adults

Reading Time: 5 minutes For young adults, self-care isn’t always a priority. The pressures of college and/or starting a job can make basic self-care seem more like a luxury than a necessity. But making a commitment to incorporate self-care practices into your daily routine can create a positive difference not just now, but for the rest of your life. […]
Mental Health

Self-Care for Activists: 8 Practices for Young Adults

Reading Time: 4 minutes Young activists are speaking out about today’s most pressing social issues. Recent polls show a high level of engagement among young adult and teen activists regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, systemic racism, and police brutality. Furthermore, today’s young adults believe that they are making a difference: In a survey conducted in June 2020 by […]

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