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5 Strategies to Help Young Adults Navigate Change

Reading Time: 4 minutes Whether they’re heading into their freshman year at college, getting ready for a new dorm and new schedule, or preparing for a new job, many young adults are anticipating change as summer heads inexorably toward fall. Those professional or educational changes might come with relocation to a new city, as well as changes to social […]

Building Community and Connection in an Age of Isolation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Social isolation and loneliness are two of the primary factors leading to anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation among young adults. Young people often feel disconnected and alone, as if no one truly understands what they’re going through. In a study conducted by researchers at Harvard, 61 percent of young adults reported high levels of loneliness, […]
Mental Health

How Young Adults Build Executive Functioning Skills

Reading Time: 4 minutes As adults, we rely on a set of cognitive proficiencies collectively known as executive functioning skills. These capabilities help us to navigate life’s challenges, persevere in the face of stress, and meet our full potential. They dictate our capacity to make healthy choices, allow us to focus on important tasks so that we can complete […]