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How Climate Change Anxiety Affects Young Adults

Reading Time: 6 minutes Young adults will inherit a world that is deeply impacted by climate change. Thus, a large portion of this generation feels both hopeless and helpless about the future of the planet. As a result, young adults often experience what’s known as climate change anxiety, climate anxiety, or eco-anxiety. Mental health experts agree that climate change […]
Mental Health

5 Steps for How to Do a Digital Detox

Reading Time: 7 minutes We are constantly plugged in to the virtual world. Our daily lives consist of regularly checking emails, responding to texts from friends, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or TikTok, and getting news alerts. Since the pandemic, we’ve become used to socializing, going to school, and meeting with colleagues online as well. That makes the question “What […]
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What Is Histrionic Personality Disorder and How Is It Treated?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is a mental health condition characterized by over-dramatizing feelings and situations. People with HPD tend to overreact emotionally and have poor impulse control. Because they struggle with their self-esteem, they constantly seek attention and affirmation.

How the Fentanyl Epidemic Threatens Young Adults

Reading Time: 4 minutes Abuse, addiction, and deaths due to the synthetic opioid fentanyl are increasingly prevalent among young people. And the danger of the fentanyl epidemic is multiplied by the proliferation of fentanyl-laced drugs, like Percocet, oxycodone, and other prescription opioids. Teens and young adults buy these poisonous counterfeit drugs illegally via social media platforms. Synthetic opioids such […]
Mental Health

5 Strategies to Help Young Adults Navigate Change

Reading Time: 4 minutes Whether they’re heading into their freshman year at college, getting ready for a new dorm and new schedule, or preparing for a new job, many young adults are anticipating change as summer heads inexorably toward fall. Those professional or educational changes might come with relocation to a new city, as well as changes to social […]

The Link Between Vaping and Mental Health

Reading Time: 7 minutes Many young adults don’t realize that vaping is harmful to their physical and mental health. In fact, one-third of young people believe that vaping nicotine is no worse than drinking a cup of coffee. And they may not understand the links between vaping and mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, psychosis, and eating disorders. Awareness […]
Mental Health

5 DBT Tools to Help Young Adults Assess Risk and Make Better Decisions

Reading Time: 5 minutes Taking risks can help young adults overcome fear, achieve their goals, and make new connections with others and with their own strengths and passions. On the other hand, risky behaviors such as substance use, unsafe sexual activity, and other dangerous or unhealthy habits, can endanger emerging adults’ mental and physical health. Because the brain’s prefrontal […]
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Young Black male dealing with high-functioning anxiety

High-Functioning Anxiety: What It Is and How to Cope

Reading Time: 7 minutes When we think about anxiety, we usually think about being paralyzed with fear and worry, to the point of being unable to deal with everyday tasks. However, anxiety doesn’t always manifest that way. In fact, young adults with high-functioning anxiety are often overachievers who appear to be succeeding in every aspect of life. But on […]
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young adult stress

The Effects of Stress on College Students

Reading Time: 6 minutes The effects of stress on college students are taking an increasingly heavy toll. With the typical stressors of college multiplied by the pandemic, nine out of 10 students believe there is a mental health crisis on college campuses, according to a recent survey.  Each semester brings new challenges and uncertainties alongside academic demands. Anxiety about […]
Mental Health
sleep issues for college students

The Mental Health Effects of Sleep Deprivation in College Students

Reading Time: 4 minutes College and sleep deprivation are known to go hand in hand. But pulling all-nighters doesn’t just leave young people yawning in class—it may also significantly reduce their well-being. Sleep deprivation in college students and other young adults may be contributing to the current mental health crisis among this age group. Sleep Deprivation in College Students: […]
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The Scary Truth About How Zombie Scrolling Impacts Mental Health

Reading Time: 5 minutes Their eyes are sunken, their skin is ashen, and they communicate with grunts rather than words. Only their thumbs move, endlessly, flicking up and down on the glowing rectangles clutched in their hands. Just a small part of their brain still works, and that part is entirely devoted to the images flashing before them, one […]
Mental Health

How Young Adults Build Executive Functioning Skills

Reading Time: 4 minutes As adults, we rely on a set of cognitive proficiencies collectively known as executive functioning skills. These capabilities help us to navigate life’s challenges, persevere in the face of stress, and meet our full potential. They dictate our capacity to make healthy choices, allow us to focus on important tasks so that we can complete […]
Mental Health

6 Daily Self-Care Practices for Young Adults

Reading Time: 5 minutes For young adults, self-care isn’t always a priority. The pressures of college and/or starting a job can make basic self-care seem more like a luxury than a necessity. But making a commitment to incorporate self-care practices into your daily routine can create a positive difference not just now, but for the rest of your life. […]
Mental Health

Self-Care for Activists: 8 Practices for Young Adults

Reading Time: 4 minutes Young activists are speaking out about today’s most pressing social issues. Recent polls show a high level of engagement among young adult and teen activists regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, systemic racism, and police brutality. Furthermore, today’s young adults believe that they are making a difference: In a survey conducted in June 2020 by […]

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