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How Does Greek Life Affect Mental Health? The Pros and Cons

Reading Time: 7 minutes Is Greek life good or bad for college students’ mental health? Overall, there are both benefits and drawbacks to joining a sorority or fraternity. Greek organizations (so called because of the Greek letters used for their names) can create a sense of belonging and support. But they can also involve traumatic hazing practices and foster […]
Mental Health

How Do You Deal with a Disrespectful Grown Child?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Parenting is a tough job. No matter how well you do it, you still make mistakes. As your children grow, you hope they understand that even though you were an imperfect parent, you’ve always loved them and did your best to raise them well. But even so, sometimes you may find yourself dealing with a […]
Mental Health

10 Ways to Manage a Chronic Mental Health Condition

Reading Time: 7 minutes Most people think of a chronic illness as an ongoing physical health problem, like diabetes, heart disease, or multiple sclerosis. But chronic mental health problems are also common. And just as chronic physical illnesses must be managed, it’s equally necessary to manage a chronic mental health condition. Managing a chronic mental illness can be taxing, […]
Mental Health

Fear of Abandonment in Young Adults: What It Means and How to Heal

Reading Time: 8 minutes We all worry sometimes about losing a loved one or being left by a romantic partner. But for some young adults, fear of abandonment is a constant concern. They never stop feeling afraid that they may be left out, left behind, or rejected—not only by a partner or family member, but also by friends, acquaintances, […]
Mental Health

What’s the Difference Between Stress and Anxiety?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Your heart pounds harder, your stomach tightens into a knot, you imagine the worst possible outcomes. Most people understand what it’s like to experience stress and anxiety, physically and mentally. But the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two. Understanding the signs of anxiety versus […]
Mental Health

Panic Disorders in Young Adults and 7 Ways to Prevent Panic Attacks

Reading Time: 10 minutes It might start with a tightening in your chest that makes it hard to breathe. Then your entire body begins to shake. Your heart pounds faster and faster. You feel like you’re going to die. What’s happening? These are the symptoms associated with a panic attack—the primary symptom of panic disorders in young adults.  Young […]

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