Young Adult Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Barbara Nosal, PhD - Chief Clinical Officer | Newport Institute

Dr. Barbara Nosal

Dr. Nosal has appeared as a clinical expert on NBC and FOX News. She is also a frequent contributor to media outlets such as Business Insider, RealSimple and Teen Vogue. As a media contributor, she provides advice and guidance on a variety of mental health related issues such as sleep disorders, depression, body image, drug […]
Michel Mennesson, MD | Newport Institute

Dr. Michel Mennesson

Dr. Michel Mennesson has been featured in media like MindBodyGreen, Romper, and Elite Daily. As a certified expert in the fields of addiction and adolescent and young adult psychiatry, he often provides advice on an array of topics such as the impact of social media on young adults’ mental health, how to deal with grief […]
Jennifer Dragonette, PsyD | Newport Institute

Dr. Jennifer Dragonette

Dr. Dragonette has appeared in the L.A. Times and PopSugar and is the go-to expert for publications such as Bustle, VeryWell Family, and Refinery29. As a certified expert in the field of behavioral health, she has advised on a wide array of mental health issues such as PTSD, eating disorders, Munchausen Syndrome, and clinical depression. Clinical Expertise At Newport Institute, Dr. Dragonette’s clinical approach focuses on Attachment-Based Family Therapy and other modalities that […]
Kristen Riha, M.A, LMFT - Clinical Director | Newport Institute

Kristen Riha

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Matthew Nonoshita

Matthew has played an integral role in the initial and reaccreditation of multiple facilities according to Joint Commission standards of care. He has built and and supervised clinical, utilization, and administrative teams, increasing bed count and profit margin while decreasing operations costs. Matthew’s experience in crafting young adult programs, his personal recovery experience, and the […]

Jep Stokes

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Adam Furtado

Adam specializes in culturally sensitive, trauma-informed care that honors clients’ and family’s stories, while working to resolve the effects of trauma that may be inhibiting healthy living. Rather than a “one size fits all” approach, he advocates for customized care in which each individual’s beliefs, life circumstances, and family history inform their treatment plans and […]